Partial Transportation

As Hümay Logistics, we provide services to our customers in the fields of domestic and international container transportation, partial transportation, frigo, tarpaulin transportation and storage with a new generation logistics understanding.

Increasing its vehicle fleet day by day, Hümay has 112 latest model self-owned trucks (26 awning semi-trailers (1 frigo), 20 flatbed semi-trailers (20 and 40′ flatbed), 11 silobuses, 55 tow trucks (10 of them with genset) trailer) and 3 trucks), as well as rental vehicles, in addition to 1 forklift, 2 tractors, 1 bus and 12 passenger cars.

Hümay Logistics experience and assurance is at the forefront in partial transportation, as in other services. Hümay Logistics; It is an advantageous solution offer offered to all customers who are looking for suitable solutions in international transportation all over the world. Hümay Logistics, which solves customs clearance, insurance and storage services from a single center within the scope of its new generation logistics understanding, offers its customers full and complete logistics services by providing storage, inland transportation and transfer services.